Monday, August 7, 2017

In Nature

I have difficulty sitting still.

Even a half-hour TV show while I'm eating dinner. A whole movie ?? Forget about it.

I prefer to be active--to be shaping things and doing things and making things better. If I'm sitting, it's only because I'm reading.

But when I'm in nature, I can sit or stand without that sense of pressure.

I don't feel anxious or worried, or even guilty, for being still. And when I am still in this way, I can think about the things that might be causing me stress and feel more flexible toward them. I can think about those ideas in a new way and, like a puzzle, find different solutions to them. Or I can just know that, yes, those problems or concerns are out there, but they do not define me.

I can choose who I become. I can choose what I think about.

This feeling is very peaceful. And for someone who usually operates at 120%, it is a chance to let go. A chance to connect more deeply to what really matters, and shed the rest.

I am grateful for this world that we are given and the opportunity to cultivate such feelings of calm.

I am grateful for the places in nature where I have felt so at home and immersed in wonder.