Thursday, October 15, 2015

Open Letter

Dear singular black lamppost
that I almost hit, but didn't,
Thank you for not moving.
For representing the obstacles
that will always be in our lives, 
the things we must confront
and persevere through...

Dear grocery store clerk,
Thank you for putting the heavy
boxes of kitty litter into my cart.
Not that I am not 
capable of carrying my own stuff, but kindness
is strength...

Dear tiny yappy dog at the vet clinic,
It is okay. 
And thank you for reminding me
that we all get freaked out and nervous
And sometimes our fears are more precarious
than the circumstances...

Dear spectacular sunset,
Wow. And thank you for slowing 
down the time for just
a minute.
Thank you for the comfort
in your colors.  

Dear overwhelming flood of grief,
We must learn to coexist. 
I will hold you through the darkness, if we
can both make the light,
at the end. 

Dear spiral of universe,
I am so amazed by what I see
and hear and feel at times, that I hesitate
to tell you...
I am afraid that nothing I create
will ever suffice...
Here is a beginning. 
A small prayer in the appending
of pen to paper...
A reconciliation. 
This is my
open letter...