Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Big Fight

Eleanor goes to Panda's tent.
Knocks softly on the dresser.
Panda turns her black and white head,
"Hey, there, Ellie. How's the weather?"
Notes her sad face, "Aww, what's wrong? Who
made my little white bear blue?"
Sighing, Ellie says, "The world is strange
and dark and cold and cruel.
I try to do what's right and give
my best and give my all.
Sometimes, it seems, it's not enough.
Being little is just too small."
Panda nods, "I know that feeling,
like your turns just aren't spot on.
Your food just doesn't taste as good.
Your jumps not worth applause.
Everyone has their bad days, life is,
after all, a circus.
The clowns don't always make us laugh.
The performance is not always perfect.
But that doesn't effect our love!" She smiles,
and gives Eleanor a big hug.
"The glum and gloom will not prevail.
Your heart will rise, just like the sun.
Each dawn is a new day and every
darkness recedes to the light.
Just because you are little
doesn't mean you can't win the big fight."