Thursday, June 20, 2013


tell me a story

tell me about that time
you got lost in the woods with your dog
and did not turn back

tell me about the time
you forgot how old you were
someone asking right after a birthday
and you had to subtract the years

tell me how you fell in love
and deeply
and had your heart broken
and swore
you would never fall again
tell me how you did

and tell me how you knew
this was forever
tell me how the best things are intangible

tell me about that night
when you stayed out way too late
and exhausted, almost passed out at the wheel
tell me how you slammed the brakes

tell me how you lost someone
to a car accident
to illness
to time

tell me how you remember it all
and would not change a thing

how your palms and knees
screaming into the asphalt
and you still made it home

tell me the words to your favorite song

tell me your stories

i know you have them, too.