Saturday, October 31, 2020


there once was a man
who said nothing
he neither signed with his 
hands nor spoke
with his voice
and all who passed him
were shocked at his complacency
it is easier this way,
he thought.

there once was a woman
who never expressed herself
she neither wrote nor
gave space for her opinion
and all who met her
were dismayed at her passivity
it is better this way,
she thought.

there once was a crowd
who saw murders
and cowards
and hatred go viral
and spread across the land
and they signed nothing
and they said nothing
and they did nothing
until they chose to understand
and seek restitution
and tear down the statues
and build up compassion
and look clearly at themselves
are you that person ?
are the same ?
will this all repeat ?
or will we change ?

there once was a time
when I could not sit
elbow to elbow
with you, at the counter.
there once was an 
accepted norm
that women could not 
and should not, vote.
and we look upon these
ideas as outlandish and
discriminating and unfounded.
we shake our heads in anger
and ask HOW
could we have allowed this
to happen ?

but what about NOW ?
tell me, what about Now.

there once was a person
who DID something
and they poured out 
the power from their pen
and they advocated for the truth
at every chance they had to
and they to make a difference
and then they did.