Thursday, September 28, 2017


Create your own happiness.
Look inside of yourself and see
all of your goodness,
all of your twinkling stars,
the places you are worthy, 
and help them to grow.
Tend to and nurture your best self.
Even on your worst days,
you are still, at the core,
your best self.
Everyone falters.
Everyone forgets the long road
and sees the temporary impulse
as a band-aid.
When you know that's not true
When you know that the hard work
makes you better.
When you learn your most needed lessons
at the least expected times.
When your soul shies,
but life recognizes you
from across the room.
Turn down the doubt inside you.
Shout down the noise that cries out
that you are not
good enough, that you are not
the right shape, the right size.
Not the acceptable kind
to whoever you need acceptance from.
Accept yourself.
Be kind to everyone, including yourself.
Dig into your garden and honor
that capsuled life. The strength that
you have always had. The potential that
no one can ever thieve.
And fully awake, embrace
The fragments of your light
You can
carry this note with you,
should you forget...