Monday, March 16, 2015

Disney Character

So this is what happens when you grow up on Disney
even when you've evolved into a feminist
even when you believe in equal
rights and equal responsibility
You still end up 
waiting for that illusion of a prince
to show up, knocking at your door
tossing pebbles at your windowpane
when you know that nothing
worth having ever
appears instantaneously
and yet you still
spend years, decades of deceiving
Yourself, singing
"I am unsure 
and incomplete..."
without you, as if solitude
were something to avoid
with both hands, dissecting
the plot lines, when you know
that clarity only distills
in silence 
when will you stop
waiting for an arrival
and create your own happiness
because you are already really real, girl 
I promise you
so go--
take on the world
and take off those plastic mouse ears
be yourself
once and for all
You are worthy
You are enough.