Tuesday, July 15, 2014

at the bridge

at 5 years
you have spoken
first words, walked
first steps, held whole fingers
within tiny hands
bubbled with your veracity, cried
like you meant it
beamed with a thousand-watt smile

at 10 years
you have learned
your multiplication tables
the difference between having many
and having real
rescued an animal or two
insisted upon
your favorite color
for everything

and at 20
you think you have it
all figured out
flailing around in your mischief
and your grief
both cloud your vision
both twist the key
in your many locks

at 30
you remember
childhood with new detail, old
connections wither and pinwheel
you find yourself
burrowing within a more
complicated definition
of love

and if you should reach 90...

may your family surround you
on all sides, may you forgive and be strengthened
by the grace to forgive yourself
keep growing
keep making mistakes
keep being courageous enough
to embrace the world.